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Change how people give and seek advice

Rungway is a platform that empowers employees to give and seek advice on work and life challenges.

Rungway provides a safe place for “always on” peer-to-peer support. Employees seek advice publicly or anonymously on their smartphone or desktop, and give bite-sized advice at their convenience.

Imagine crowdsourcing the very best advice across your entire organisation, that’s Rungway!

Employees are empowered to support each other and grow professionally, increasing engagement levels. Businesses gain valuable talent insights into their workforce, from trending topics to workplace sentiment. This enables data-driven decisions to be made on talent and workplace culture.

Headquartered in London, England, Rungway is the brainchild of successful businesswoman, Julie Chakraverty.

For more information about Rungway, please visit or follow @rungway on Twitter.

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